What is autism 
 Mrs. Jackie 1 

 Words from Mrs. Jackie 1 

I am Mrs. Jackie 1, and I am a mother of four children. Well, that is not so unusual, however, two of my sons have autism and that is. I have one son that is sixteen years old, autistic, developmentally delayed, and non-verbal. He is on the severe section of the spectrum. My other son is twelve years old and he is PDD. He is high functional. In all likely-hood will marry and lead a successful life. He talks, writes, jokes, and seems fairly normal. He however does not get along with peers. He was in a normal classroom and had great difficulty fitting in. He also has trouble on focusing on his class work. He test on grade level on most subjects and when he does not he is just a little behind. I have also foster parented two other autistic boys over the years.

I started this website to have articles and discussions on living with autism. I wanted to feature families and their stories. When I thought about this, I wanted to include articles about how to deal with all the difficulties of living with autism.

On this website, I do not only want to write about autism, but also about family, life, love, home, job, food, and politics. Just about anything families deal with will be included.

Please email with your articles and I will post them. I will be the main contributor to the articles, but I want to include other family’s articles as well.