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My Boys
Meet My Inspiration.  Curtis 16 and Tyler 12
 Though's Confirmed 

One day I watched my son that is now sixteen run around the house.  I saw how happy he seemed, and I decided to be happy too.  I use to get comments like, Oh, you are handling this so well, and I would be sacred to have other children.  I did not think of not haveing other children.  I was told that the chance of having another child with autism would be rare, and people that have more than one autisic child are most likely autistic to.  I wasn't autistic nor was my husband, so we had other children.  My next son now twelve was also diagnosis PDD.  He always seemed happy too.    When I saw this youtube video, I felt that  my thoughts were right; they are happy, and what do parents always say about what they want for their children?  Yes, that's right, I want my children to be happy.  When I had this realization I decided to be happy to.