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Organization for Autism Research


Organization For Autism Research

is a informative organization that has free downloads.  Information that can help a person look for resources and contacts.

They Have video as well as reports and studies.  It recently came out with a 12 minute video that was made for professors.  It is a informative video that gives professors the head up on how to handle individuals that are high functional.  They give suggestions to the professors on some issues a person on the spectrum may have and how to adapt to some of the needs of the person.   This video is good for parent or advocates of autisic individuals that are seeking a college education. 

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Yes, this document is replete with typos, however it is a relatively short (38 pages) manual on the nitty-gritty details of how to teach pivotal behaviors to children with autism. One of the most helpful links we have found for getting started, it is extremely readable and easy to understand.

Free Traing Manual



This massive, 136 page manual covers the basics of VBA in a practical and helpful manner. This is a wonderful free resource!

Free Training Manual

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Download generous portions from the must-read book "Educate Toward Recovery" by Robert Schramm MA, BCBA
-Motivation and Reinforcement
-Seven Steps to Earning Instructional Control with your Child
-What is RDI and how does it compare to Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior