Tips of the Day - Outings

  • Buying tickets in advance will cut down on wait time at movie theaters, puppet shows, and amusement parks.
  • Avoid merry-go-rounds for low-functioning children as there may be too much sensory input.
  • Try a stationary seat on an amusement ride and sit hugging your child.
  • Wearing a fanny pack instead of a purse leaves both hands free for your child.
  • When out for the day, bring a spare set of clothes for accidents or if your child’s clothes get wet.
  • To help day trips run more smoothly, travel in two cars so that one parent can return home with your child if he gets distressed.
  • Feed your child before leaving home or bring food with you.
  • Have your child play with a quiet toy like a calculator in a restaurant, during religious services, or other social activity

Tips of the Day - Misc.

  • Be polite and use good manners with your child so that he will learn to use them too.
  • Ask, “Are you all right?” whenever your child falls or cries; this will teach him to ask the same of others.
  • Follow through on promises.
  • Give your child at least a minute to process verbal requests.
  • The more familiar your child is with any situation, the better he will behave.
  • Give a scared child something concrete to say or do to counteract his fears (e.g., saying “go away!” to whatever is frightening).
  • Give strong hugs to provide your child with deep pressure.